2020’s brand new sailing model!



On board the SIXTY 5, luxury and comfort come with space and light.


A better ergonomics and maximum comfort

Sleek, intrepid, thirsty for wind & waves, embodying precision and finesse, the SIXTY 5 is made to navigate the known and the unknown, to share adventures with your loved ones, and above all, to be at one with your yacht.

Outdoor: unique opportunities for this yacht category

"With its slender hulls, all in sculptural curves, the SIXTY 5 displays its belonging to the world of luxury sailing yachts.

The secret of its beauty lies in the sensual lines, an alliance of both tradition and modernity, which orchestrate its generous proportions."

Patrick le Quément - Exterior design

Interior: luxury and comfort come with space and light

"Aboard the Lagoon SIXTY 5, you can look straight through fore to aft and out over the surroundings with commanding 360° views. The main saloon is comfortable and luxurious with open spaces and natural light. The same design concept is applied to cabins, which enjoy good overhead height and excellent natural light and views. The level of finishing repeats the luxury from the saloon while the owners cabin picks up and improves concepts from the successful Lagoon 620: a private water access aft like a terrace on the sea. Of course the master cabin is my favourite place on board, where luxury, comfort and style are best combined."

Massimo Gino - Nauta Design


"The simplest thing is simplicity itself. A beautiful boat is defined by the generosity of her dimensions; her length and width perfectly accommodate quality rigging and powerful sails, which open up voyages and adventures. Everything is there, everything can be seen without required explanation, the SIXTY 5 is a beautiful boat that exudes discretion and is a rite of passage. Her design expresses herself naturally, seamlessly integrating expertise and creativity into the finished product."

Patrick le Quément -  Exterior design

Aft rig, performance and easy manoeuvring.

"The SIXTY 5 is a yacht on a human scale. I’m a sailor at heart, and there was no way the SIXTY 5 wasn’t going to be a really easy to use yacht that you could cruise far and wide under sail in comfort and with seakeeping qualities inherited from her big sister. I dream of going long term cruising on this boat. Her long legs allow you to eat up the miles, and then you can enjoy her comfort at stopovers."

Marc Van Peteghem - VPLP design


VPLP design
Style extérieur
Patrick le Quément
Interior design
Nauta Design
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